Microsoft Vista

  • As you are all probably aware Microsoft has released their new and “improved” version of Windows named “Vista” beta name “Longhorn”.

    The purpose of this forum is for us all to express our likes and dislikes about vista both from users who have purchased, trialed and from those who have just seen it in mags.

    What software or drivers have you had problems with if any?

    Anything and everything about your current expereinces that may help others decide wither to purchase or wait alittle longer.

  • So far I’ve had good luck with Vista. The biggest problem I had with Vista was sitting up my network printer. It took me a week to figure out that you have to install the printer as a local printer and then point the port at the networked printer.

    Other than that, so far smooth sailing.

  • Hi! I put out Windows XP and doing clean istallation Vista Ultimate 32Bit and Office 2007 Pro in my Dell Inspiron 6400 lappy and it’s running really fine. Media Direct 3 working good like before with windows XP.

  • With regards to Vista, has any one had any issues with Drivers?, sound cards, graphics? or even certain programs and game?

  • I had a little issue setting up my printer over the network, but finally worked through it.

    No problem with drivers.

    As far as software, the thing that I found that has helped me with installing older programs, do not let them install in the Program Files folder. The Vista protection doesn’t like programs in there.

  • conexware

    so after few months, what does everyone think of Vista?

  • I like it. It seems stable, but so did XP. I’m not going to upgrade my older computers to it, but I don’t have a problem with buying it on any new machines. Over the last month or so, there has been deveral driver updates released for my laptop, which fixed minor issues.

    I would say by this Fall, there wouldn’t be much of reason not to buy a machine with Vista on it, yet I can honestly say I don’t see any reason to upgrade a machine to Vista. XP works great and is just as stable.

    The only thing that I have found that I don’t like about Vista is the User Control protection thingy that pops up. I’ve thought more than once about turning it off, but I’m trying to get ‘use’ to it. In the end, I wouldn’t be suprised if I end up disabling this feature, just to dog gone annoying.

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