Compress & Encrypt

  • In the Compress & Encrypt screen within Configuration you have the message;

    “Select default setting for Compress & Encrypt option in PowerArchiver’s Explorer Shell Extension”

    Then Below 6 Possible Default Compression Methods.
    zip, 7-zip, cab, lha, bh, tar.gz

    Below that you then have Encryption Method’s. However, In PA’s Compress Options when you select any other method than zip the Encryption Method Fades out.
    The encryption methods only apply to Zip Archives and not any other therfore shouldnt you make it so if a user selects any of the other 5 compresion methods that are not Zip the Menu Fades out in the Configuration screen as it does in the Compress with options menu?

  • conexware

    no, you missed the point - there is specific compress and encrypt shell extension. This is pre-configuration of that specific extension.

    It has nothing to do with options in Compress + Option screens.

  • Got cha! thanks for clearing that up! :)

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